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K-Slotcar with BSP


Slotcars & Parts


2017 Special Offer

This offer will get you racing in the new Pro-Am Series, and give you a car for the

24th BOC. Ideal for club racing.

Option 1 - out of stock.

Based upon the 2002 British Nationals winning chassis, we are offering you the

opportunity to purchase at a fantastic price examples of this chassis. Not only does

it allow purchaser to use this chassis in the new Pro-Am Series with a Falcon motor

fitted, but with a small additional cost, it can raced competitively in the 1/24th BOC Series.


Check out  ‘Option 2’ - £50 including UK postage.

A Kelly/Pro-Slot chassis which will be fitted with pin tubes and come with body pins.

A choice of a Falcon 7, TSR D3, or an JK Hawk 7 or motor (while stocks last),

and any 64 pitch gear ratio of your choice.


Check out  ‘Option 3’ - £55 including UK postage.

Same as option 2, but with a JK25021 chassis.


And ‘Option 4’ - £60 including UK postage.

Same as option 2, but with a JK X-24 chassis.