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Slotcars & Parts




Decal and masking kits @ £5 a sheet.





Red Bull


2015 ISRA legal BMW DTM in 7 thou @ £5 each, (painted shells cost £15 each)

2016 ISRA legal Mercedes AMG C63 DTM in 5 & 7 thou @ £5 each..



CAT 1/32nd scale R10 sportscar @ £5 each

Fully legal for BSCRA racing, the R10 has been adapted for slot racing use. This shell creates more downforce than any other legal shell. It is a must for 1/32 eurosport racing. ALL the semi-finalists in the 2004 National finals used the BSP R8, and despite increased competition the R8 won the BSCRA nationals in 2005, 6, 7, 8. The new R10 is updated version, featuring a second cockpit, and 'tail plates'.




BSCRA legal 24th production shells @ £4 each. (painted shells cost £15 each)

VW Corrado, Alfa Romeo 156, Honda Accord, Peugout 406, Merc DTM



BSCRA legal 24th OG12 shells @ £5 each. (painted shells cost £15 each)

Bentley Exp,   Lola,         Lola Judd LMP1



BSCRA legal 24th Eurosports shells @ £5 each. (painted shells cost £15 each)





BSCRA legal 24th production shells @ £6 each (painted shells at £15 each).

Mercedes DTM 2005, BMW DTM 2005, Audi A4 DTM 2005



BSCRA legal 24th Eurosports shells @ £6.  (painted shells at £15 each)

Audi R10



BSCRA legal 32nd F1 shells @ £6.

Mclaren F1 1998

Mclaren F1 2001

Mclaren F1 2005


BSCRA legal 32nd Eurosports shells @ £6.

Audi R10




All shells shown are 1/24th scale, and can be purchased for £2.50 each (painted shells cost £15 each).

Saleen, Caloway Corvette, Maserati, Corvette C6, Panoz Esperante, Aston Martin, Ferrari 430, Merc GT1