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BSP chassis’ are developed through using and logical and progressive program. This program is used in real life motor racing and results in consistent progress and improvement of our chassis designs. This methodical process has resulted in BSP chassis scooping World and National championships and events in the United Stated of America, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and numerous other nations. KSlotcar will continue with this development.


All our chassis’ are made from extremely high quality Spring steel and cut using either EDM or Laser.

Chassis’ can be supplied as a kit, built, rolling (less motor),or in Ready To Run form with a choice of motor.


The BSP BASIC Chassis range is available, and includes the GT12, 32 Saloon, and a Falcon F1.

We also stock chassis from other manufacturers, for racing in production.


New 2017 24th BSP Eurosport.

This is the latest creation from BSP, and has developed in terms of performance and strength from the previous version. Since it’s introduction we have been steadily moving up the results as we develop the chassis in to a race winning car. Our previous successes include 2003-4-5 USRA DIV2, 2004 British champions and 2005-6-7 Swedish Masters champions. £75 kit. Chassis built POA.


New 2017 24 BSP Open Group 12 (C1).

Very similar in design to the Eurosport chassis, we have already made some small tweaks to the design, thus making this chassis a very competitive alternative to some of the more popular products in the market. This chassis is also perfect for C1 in the USA, and due to very high torsional stiffness (anti decking) is perfect for use on banked tracks. £75 kit. Chassis built POA.


2014 32 BSP Eurosport.

This was the logical development over the BSP/Trigilio chassis that was very successful. BSP says “Stronger, better traction, more consistent, better on taller tyres, and more forgiving! We have restarted our test program for this chassis with a view to having an update before the 2018 32nd BSCRA Nationals. £75 kit. Chassis built POA.


New 2017 32 BSP 'Saunders' Saloon (C-Can Eurosport).

A full eurosport design, but with a C can motor box. The car will accept C-can motors from Proslot, Koford, Cahoza, RJR etc. This is a very logical progression from the previous design, but does away with the need to add additional weight at the rear of the chassis.**£75 Kit, Chassis built POA.


1/32 BSP 'Saunders' F1 Eurosport (cut to order).

We have restarted our test program for this chassis and the latest design raced at the 2018 32nd BSCRA Nationals, winning the title. BSP has achieved outstanding results with the previous design, and we wish this success to continue in the future. British Nationals champions, 2018, 2009. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP winning chassis in 2007. Kit with 'soft' fronts £85.. Chassis built POA (with fronts).


1/32 Falcon Pro F1 chassis.

A new chassis design for 2015. More advanced and sophisticated than the BSP Basic version, this car features fully independent pans with damping rails to give increased stability.

***Chassis wins on debut, at North London Pro falcon event, and wins 2016 & 2017 BSCRA F2 Championships***  Kit £34    Chassis built POA (with fronts)