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K-Slotcar         BSP


Slotcars, Parts      & Services



Camen strap motors

BSP Blueprints – G12, S.Wasp, OG12.

Eurosport and F1 Strap.

Proslot G12 and S.Wasp

Falcon 7




Valiko Strap set ups 4 and 8 mag

Proslot 16D set up

Camen .250 single, 6 mag, 10 mag and 18 mag (400, 450 & 470 tall)

Camen .300 single, 6 mag , 10 mag and 18 mag (400, 450 & 470 tall)

Camen C can

Camen 16D set up

BSP Blueprinted Proslot (Matched SMQ, MEGA2 or MEGA3 magnets)

Red Fox S16D                                                   



Motor cans

Camen straps cans. Slim 400 and 480

Valiko strap cans. Slim, standard

Proslot C can 2005, srs, vip

Cahoza C can

RJR C can

Koford C can Ultra, super feather




PK scale strap armatures

Proslot X12 (BSP spec) 38’. 42’ and 45’

Proslot S WASP (BSP spec)

Koford X12 38’ .513 and .518 dia

Camen scale .480 arms (various winds) .250 and .300 stack

Proslot scale .480 arms (various winds) .250 and .300 stack

Proslot S16D (BSP Spec)

Proslot G20 (BSP Spec)




Proslot SMQ, MEGA2, MEGA3, Quads, 16D, NEW 6 mags

BSP Matched SMQ, MEGA2, MEGA3, OG12 tall

Koford Yellow dots

Camen .250 & .300 cobalt

Red Fox S16D  

Koford 450 long C can



Motor bearings

5mm shielded 10 ball bearing. 2mm id, 2.3mm width

5mm open German GRW ball bearing 2mm id, 1.5mm width

C can replacement oilites





Motor brushes

Koford Big foot2

Proslot Golddust



Camen 5 coil

Proslot Red and Blue

Koford Lite and heavy



Ball races (open & closed)

Magnet springs

Spring cups – Proslot, Camen, Koford.

Oilites - 5 & 6mm

Cans -  Proslot, Camen and RJR

Brush hoods vertical –Alpha, Koford, Camen

Brush hoods horizontal – Alpha, Proslot, RJR

Endbell – Proslot, RJR, Alpha, Koford, Camen

BSP Aluminium Proslot endbell

Spring Insulation – Proslot, Alpha

Shunt wire


Motor screws

Koford Magnet epoxy